Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

Mainstreaming Gender using Available Talk Show as Media Campaign

In a project for women development as other project that try to disseminate information to community, talk show or interactive dialogs through radio and television sometimes become one of the activity proposed in the proposal submitted to donor.  

In my opinion, talk show or interactive dialog specific for gender / women empowerment should be avoided, instead doing that, the donor should  provide support the activities for the LNGO's or women groups to participate in every talk show / interactive dialog within their area.

Since gender should be mainstreamed in all sectors, it will be logical to asked about women position in every topics of talk show / interactive dialog. For doing that, the women groups should check all the radio stations, TVs or other event that provide question and answers sessions and develop questions for every topics listed. The questions off course will be about women and / or gender.

The benefit of strategy are :
1. all participants will become aware that the gender issues are in a lot of area in their life.
2. audience will become more familiar about this issues
3. the campaign will reach alot more audience with low cost support allocated for this activity

Ternate, 24 March 2010

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