Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

Common Building Block for Car

Common Building Block (CBB) is a set of standards for laptop components introduced by Intel in 2005, slowly being adopted by some manufacturers in 2006 (e.g. Zepto Computers). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Building_Block.

Imagine if CBB adopted by car manufacturer. We, the costumer could really decide how we like our car to be built. The chassis of the car could be similar with the form factor of motherboard, the engine and transmission of car can be imagined as motherboard + processor and power supply, graphic card could be provided as head up display consisting of all car required indicators for speed, engine condition etc. And the casing of the computer can be seen as car body.

All people could buy components separately which produced by different manufactures according to their financial ability and / or their needs. Compact car can be seen as netbook in computer's world. A sport supercar convertible can be seen as a high capacity and expensive laptops and MPVs could be similar to a regular desktop computer for everyday and common use.

As costumer we will be able to upgrade engines, head up display, car body and other items separately and it will be good for the nature too. All CBB parts is independent and easy to be recycled and it easy to upgrade some part of your car so you car would live longer and do not need to to buy new car.

Ternate, 24 March 2010

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